Les Rayons de Soleil International Montessori School
The educators are trained in the Montessori method and have diplomas from the AMI (Association Montessori Internationale). Teacher training is essential, requiring one year of full-time study for each age group.



Executive Assistant


Maison des Enfants 3-6 years :
Marine et Tracey

Karolina et Sandrine

Elementary classes 6-12 years :

Camille et Amélie

Bénédicte et Melanie

Our mission

Learning and developing with confidence

We see education as an “aid to life”, providing children with an environment conducive to the harmonious development of their personality and their full potential. Perceived as such, education lays the foundations for a responsible society, aware of interdependence and therefore conducive to peace. We want everyone to be able to progress in a spirit of trust and goodwill.

Our objectives:

Confidence and joy

The autonomy and independence of the children

Their creativity, initiative, and self-discipline

The taste for learning, curiosity, effort, and finding satisfaction in a job well done

The development of social skills including tolerance, sense of service and responsibilities

Academic notions are learnt in a fluid manner because they are passed on at the right time, according to the rhythm of each pupil.

Bilingual teaching

Today, mastering several languages is no longer really optional. Speaking several languages is a considerable asset. It  develops executive functions, increases creativity, the ability to concentrate, adapt and intellectual agility.

Our school offers a bilingual environment where children are exposed to English on a daily basis, through immersion. Soaking up the language is a gradual process , with no need for translation or courses as such. Through songs, nursery rhymes and books, but above all through the repetition of everyday activities, children absorb a second language.

Each class benefits from the presence of two adults, one French-speaking and one English-speaking. Montessori materials are presented in both languages.

We expose the children to a lot of different  cultures and this is made all the easier by the fact that our pupils come from very international backgrounds. The presence of  English-speaking children creates a language environment that encourages bilingualism. Children’s ears are trained to hear another language from an early age.

What’s more, a good understanding of different  cultures is a considerable asset because it  makes you open-minded.