FrancEcole Network

Supporting Montessori Schools

Three schools have joined forces to offer a unique system to share their experience and help one another.

The FrancEcole network is aimed at all schools sharing the same educational requirements for children and

Benefit from the dynamism of our network to promote the Montessori pedagogy, support your families, benefit from a greater visibility and find the help you need on a daily basis.

A partnership to meet your challenges

Support mobility

If you want to support your pupils who are moving to a new house, the FrancEcole network shall give priority enrolment to your pupil in a school from its network.

Be more visible

Do you want your school to be more visible? The FrancEcole network shall reference your school on its website to offer a wider choice to families.

Make bulk savings

If you want to benefit from more competitive prices, the FrancEcole Network groups all the orders to obtain better terms and prices from suppliers, and all good deals are shared between the members.

Make management easier and better

If you want to focus on Montessori teaching, teamwork and looking after your pupils and their families, let’s help and support one another with our hiring issues: we can share the CVs we receive, transfer staff from one school to another, access a network of substitute teachers, etc. The FrancEcole Network offers a unique administration, accounting, and legal support.

Share and grow our knowledge

Make the most of exchanges with other members of the network to share good practices and enrich your educational and professional skills. Get assistance for signing the AMF / ISMM charter, take part in inter-school training, etc.

Why should we unite?

Private independent schools remain expensive and fragile as their funding comes exclusively from the families of their pupils. Uniting means working together on :

  • Improving the visibility of our profession
  • Conceiving offers tailored to the needs of potential partners (international companies, relocation companies, etc.)
  • Achieving economies of scale (building works, equipment and material, etc.)
  • Becoming a supportive community where good practices and expertise are shared

FrancEcole partnership principles

Before agreeing on a new partnership, the teams from FrancEcole and the prospective member meet to get to know one another. It is an essential step to work together efficiently.

The partnership agreement is governed by three essential clauses:

  • A confidentiality clause ensuring open and trustful relationships
  • A reciprocal non-compete clause ensuring the freedom of all parties
  • A financial independence clause ensuring membership is impartial

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